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I know quite a lot of my followers here and on my email newsletter aren’t in London so I’m posting a few pictures of my Barbican show here for you:

Kit-Boyd-Barbican-2 Kit-Boyd-Barbican-1

World in My Eyes is on until the 26th June if you are able to get along.


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All of the framing and preparations finally came together on Thursday when everything was cosily loaded into the back of my friend Juliet’s little blue Peugot. Having got completely lost in the dark underbelly of the Barbican – if you think it’s a maze above then try going underneath it all – we surfaced to Level 2 with the help of the wonderful support of Leslie, the Library Technician. He couldn’t have been more helpful and made putting everything up remarkably stress-free, as did Juliet Walker whose brilliant eye and professionalism really helped in hanging my work, as did Macsud for being there and doing all the time consuming jobs that would have worn me out even more. 

There are over 100 original pieces in the show (60 of them being my postcard collages which are shown here in the cases below) covering over 20 years of work.


The earliest painting is from 1990 and is called Imago. I made this when I was at university in Aberystwyth after a trip to Tuscany and it hung at my parents house in Rugby for many years. The most recent pieces are a painting called The New Shore and my etching called Another World, inspired by the song of the same title by Antony and the Johnsons.




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The Control Centre

Collage on vintage postcard in my series of Britain being taken over by plants and plant spores, controlling humans to do their bidding.

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The Invasion

Krynoid Supremacy. This is one of a series of postcard collages where London is invaded by strange plants which control the city. The Krynoid is a human/plant hybrid from a Tom Baker Doctor Who storyline. As a child I dreamt I became one and this dream still influences my work today.

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Here is a link to the blog Skylark Galleries have just posted about my joining Skylark 2.


I’ve also been busy on more postcard collages and have completed over 20 now. All of them use black and white vintage postcards of British landscapes, with content inspired by what is written on the reverse, British sci-fi like Quatermass and Dr Who, a feature of the place depicted or its name and description.

Kit Boyd Homage to Quatermass

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